Brick High-Rise Chapter Nineteen

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Page 169

He methodically basted the dark skin of the Alsatian, which he had stuffed with garlic and herbs.

“One rule in life,” he murmured to himself. “If you can smell garlic, everything is all right.”

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Brick High-Rise Page 170
Royal, who had clung so fiercely to him during their descent of the building, no longer needed him, and dragged himself away along the line of changing cubicles. When Laing last saw him, he was moving towards the steps at the shallow end of the swimming-pool, as if hoping to find a seat for himself on this terminal slope.

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Brick High-Rise Page 171
At times he suspected that some of the residents had reverted to cannibalism – the flesh had been stripped with a surgeon’s skill from many of the corpses. The lower-level residents, under constant pressure and discrimination, had probably given in to necessity.

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Brick High-Rise Page 172
At times Laing liked to carry the game to its logical conclusion, and imagine that it was the two women who were in charge, and that they despised him totally. This ultimate role had helped him on one occasion, when a marauding band of women led by Mrs Wilder had entered the apartment. Seeing Laing being abused, and assuming him to be Eleanor’s and Alice’s prisoner, they had left. On the other hand, perhaps they understood all too well what was really taking place.

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Brick High-Rise Page 173
Laing looked out at the high-rise four hundred yards away. A temporary power failure had occurred, and on the 7th floor all the lights were out. Already torch-beams were moving about in the darkness, as the residents made their first confused attempts to discover where they were.

Laing watched them contentedly, ready to welcome them to their new world.

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  1. Well, now I’m more pumped than ever for the film! Thank you so much for sharing this amazing project! It really is extraordinary the level of detail and time and dedication you obviously put in to it. Each scene you put together was wrought with such attention and really brought the words to visual life. I can see why some people don’t like the book, due to it’s bleak ending. But really, it’s the only true way it could have gone, and you did an excellent job of capturing all of it. Thank you again Lego Loki, for sharing and putting in so much amazing work!

  2. this was so awesome, It was crazy!!!!!!!! A cool kind of chaotic crazy!!! Riots, murder, people killing each other!!!! Wow it was a rollercoaster, now I really want to see this movie!!!

  3. Wow! I found this and loved it–you have it down perfectly and the minimalism of Legos work perfectly as a medium here.


  4. As if I wasn’t excited enough about “High Rise” FINALLY getting the film treatment…

    What an amazing project; I can’t get over how fantastic it is, or how well LEGO actually tells the story. Absolutely amazing…to say “well done” doesn’t even cover it. But seriously. Well done.

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