Brick High-Rise Chapter Eight

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Brick High-Rise Page 79
Royal stepped down on to the roof deck. He enjoyed the hostile gaze of the birds sitting on the elevator heads.

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Brick High-Rise Page 80
The drenched body of a Siamese cat lay in the gutter where the birds had cornered it — the small beast had climbed all the way up a ventilation shaft from the warm comfort of an apartment far below, embracing the daylight for a few last seconds before the birds destroyed it.

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Brick High-Rise Page 81
On either side of him, the rain-soaked concrete stretched away into the evening mist. There were no signs of the white Alsatian. Royal had reached the centre of the roof. The gulls sat on the ventilation shafts and elevator heads, watching him with their unusually alert eyes. Thinking that they might already have dined off the dog, Royal kicked aside an overturned chair and set off towards the stairhead, calling out the Alsatian’s name.

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Brick High-Rise Page 82
Royal pressed his head to the door panel. The elevator car, with the Alsatian snarling and leaping inside it, was on the 15th floor, its doors jammed open. Royal could hear the heavy blows of a metal club striking at the floor and walls, and the shouts of three attackers — one of them a woman — as they beat the animal to the floor.

Page 83

Brick High-Rise Page 83
“Let me have a look at him . . . Poor devil, those savages have abused you . . .” Deftly he insinuated himself into the elevator and began to soothe the dog. “We’ll get him back to your apartment. Royal. Then I suggest we discuss the elevator position.”

Pangbourne knelt down on the floor, whistling a strange series of sounds at the dog.

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For the next half an hour Royal cleaned the wounds of the Alsatian.

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In another twenty minutes he would leave the apartment and make his killing drop down the shafts of the high-rise, murder descending. He wished he could take the birds with him. He could see them diving down the elevator shafts, spiralling through the stairwells to swoop into the corridors. He watched them wheel through the air, listening to their cries as he thought of the violence to come.”

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  1. I am always looking forward to your chapters of Brick High Rise. I truly admire your hard work, dedication and, most especially, creativity in recreating the scenes in the book. The producers of the film should seriously consider putting out an illustrated version of the novel with your wonderful Lego scenes. Please do keep up the EXCELLENT work! You’re doing a very fine job!!

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