About Brick High-Rise

On August the 28th 2014, after reading an article about the magnificent Brick Jest, the official twitter for the film High-Rise (2015, directed by Ben Wheatley, and starring Tom Hiddleston, Luke Evans, Jeremy Irons, Sienna Miller, Elizabeth Moss and many more) issued me with a challenge to complete a similar project, based on the Ballard novel.

The challenge!
As I cannot resist a challenge, I said yes.

Beginning the Challenge

To adequately tell the story of High-Rise I decided to do one image per page of the book, which would be 166 photos according to my battered paperback copy of the novel.

Due to budget constraints I could only afford to buy enough LEGO bricks to build one set at a time, so to save time and avoid having to rebuild the same set multiple times I began work on a shooting script.

The Script

I began work on the shooting script for Brick High-Rise on August the 28th 2014 and it was finally completed on September the 30th 2014.

Each page was hand drawn and then divided into locations, so all images based in, for example, the pool could be taken at once, so the set could could be dismantled and the bricks used to build the next location.



SAM_1366Brick High-Rise Page 7

 Each shooting location was also planned to the last detail and hand drawn.



As a consequence, THIS is the final shooting script of Brick High-Rise


Shooting Brick High-Rise


Photography on Brick High-Rise began on October the 1st 2014, and ended on December the 12th 2014. Shooting took place 3 days per week, as I have villainous business to attend to on the other 4 days, and lasted an average 6 hours per day.

In total 1188 photos were taken for this project, and overall I estimate that Brick High-Rise took around 180 hours to photograph, plus innumerable hours in post production.

The budget for Brick High-Rise came in at exactly £192.56, but this is only for items specifically purchased for this project. The vast majority of the LEGO bricks & figures used were items I already owned.

I could not have completed this mammoth project without the encouragement and support I have received, both online and offline, and I give thanks to you all.

I thank you for taking the time to read this.

And now begin, with CHAPTER ONE!