Brick High-Rise Chapter Eighteen

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Page 162

For two days Royal had eaten nothing, but far from exhausting him the absence of food had stimulated every nerve and muscle in his body. The shrieking of the gulls filled the air, and seemed to tear at the exposed tissues of his brain.

Page 163

Brick High-Rise Page 163
The gulls sidled around him, rolling their heads and wiping their beaks against the concrete. The surface was streaked with blood.

Page 164

Brick High-Rise Page 164
Sucking at the traces of animal fat that clung to his fingers, Wilder entered the kitchen. The cupboards and refrigerator were empty.

Page 165

Brick High-Rise Page 165
The top floors of the building had been partially invaded by the sky. He saw white clouds through an elevator shaft.

Page 166

Brick High-Rise Page 166
 As the architect advanced down the steps towards him, Wilder raised the silver pistol and shot him through the chest.

Page 167

Brick High-Rise Page 167
In the centre of the sculpture-garden, beside the empty paddling pool, a woman was lighting a large fire from pieces of furniture. Her strong hands adjusted a heavy spit assembled from the chromium tubing of a large callisthenics device. She squatted beside the fire, stacking the chair-legs as the children played together.

Page 168

Brick High-Rise Page 168
In front of him the children in the sculpture-garden were playing with bones.

The circle of women drew closer. The first flames lifted from the fire, the varnish of the antique chairs crackling swiftly. From behind their sunglasses the women were looking intently at Wilder, as if reminded that their hard work had given them a strong appetite. Together, each removed something from the deep pocket of her apron.

In their bloodied hands they carried knives with narrow blades. Shy but happy now, Wilder tottered across the roof to meet his new mothers.

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  1. Creepy as heck! Man, I’m getting chills here, and your ability to capture each scene in so much detail is just the most awesome thing ever! The last panel, with Wilder going towards the women, is really disturbing.

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